IRESS in the UK

Innovative and extensive, our solutions deliver streamlined data and workflow to wealth management and mortgage professionals in the United Kingdom.

With a focus on the UK wealth management marketplace, our XPLAN software range offers solutions for local domestic participants. As with other regions in which IRESS operates, we offer our UK clients a wealth software solution tailored to local practices and regulations.

IRESS Exchange and Trigold sourcing are the UK’s leading online comparison quote and transaction services for financial products and mortgages.

IRESS MSO is an end to end multi-channel mortgage processing solution to manage mortgage transactions from initial application to payment.

Tailored and complete solutions

Our service oriented culture means our UK customers enjoy dedicated support from the initial software selection phase, through implementation and on-going support and maintenance.

In September 2013, IRESS acquired Avelo. For more information on this, read our acquisition Q&A.